Executive Committee

Ocean Netball is run by a dedicated volunteer executive committee who have an extensive knowledge of the game and the needs within the region.

The objects of the Oceania Netball are:
i. To advance the game of netball at all levels throughout Oceania by coordinating and developing efficient standards of administration, playing, officiating and coaching;
ii. To promote good health and well-being by encouraging participation in sport;
iii. To eradicate discrimination by empowering women through sport; and
iv. To act on any other matters incidental to the above objects as may be determined by the Executive Committee from time to time.
v. To build the financial resources of the organisation, to enable regional events and development to occur.

Current Executive Committee

Wainikiti Bogidrau, Chair
Ngere Puia-Fraser (Cook Islands)
RubyAnn Sorovaki (Fiji)
Kate Agnew (NNZ)
Ulato Avei (PNG)
Rosemarie Lome (Samoa)
Salote Sisifa  (Tonga)