Coaching is a complex, yet rewarding task. 
It is also a fantastic way to contribute to the community as it's about growing the 'person' as well as the 'player'.
It requires the ability to understand and work with a variety of people and the ability to develop the skills and tactics in a positive and safe way.

Research has shown that learning in multiple ways reinforces knowledge comprehension, underlining the need for multimodal learning.

Learning and development occurs in different environments, situations, formal or informal settings and this is underpinned in the proposed Oceania Netball Learning and Development Framework. Learning is continuous and self driven.

Coaching Learning and Development


Balance is better
Developing Coaching Expertise
Planning a training session

Seeing Athletes as Individuals
Coaching behaviours

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What does quality coaching really look like?

Eight essential coaching skills

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Building a new Leadership style


Building your inner coach

Foundation Skills of Netball


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Learning and Development Framework - Coaching

As identified in the Oceania Netball Strategic Plan 2021 -2024, a key strategy is to provide an officials and coaching pathway across participation and performance stages which can be standardised across the Pacific but adaptable to suit local environments.

An Officials and Coaching Pathways Advisory Group will be established and will:

  1. Identify, review and provide recommendations on coach and officials pathways, which aligns with the strategic direction of ON.
  1. Identify opportunities to build capability to support the delivery of the coaching and officiating systems.
  1. Consider and recommend programmes enabling player, umpire and coaches’ development in other countries.
  1. Identify key competitions to support and develop technical and bench officials.
  1. Ensure the netball development programmes are accessible to all Oceania members, including the provision for online learning.

The Oceania Netball Learning and Development framework was circulated for review in May 2022 and will be rolled out in 2023.